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Modern Line Series

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 We have more than 20 years in energy field and in 2007 we founded Saunter (Hong Kong) Limited. Saunter is a company engaging in providing eco-friendly products and services to our community, aiming to improve the environment and making people’s lives better.

We care about energy so our products and services will have a purpose of energy-saving or an efficient use of renewable energy. Back to 1990’ our partners were the pioneer to explore T5 energy-saving light where T8 fluorescent light was still the dominance of the market. With the advancement of technology, LED has been widely used in lighting industry and at the same time renewable energy such as solar and wind power have also become popular in generating electricity.

Now we have been a consultant in energy to provide a one-stop service including engineering, procurement and construction in lighting and solar power businesses. For lighting product, we have three categories. Decorative Lights include pendent light, wall light, floor light and table light; Commercial Lights include downlight, spot light, track light, undercabinet light and panel light; and Contractor Lights include high bay light, flood light and street light. For renewable energy, we provide PV panels; design and install on the suitable place based on local requirements; and apply for relevant local licenses or procedures relating to energy privileged schemes.

We have own design team and all products are originally developed by ourselves. Whenever you have demand or idea we can produce or design based on your needs or concept. Our markets are mainly export-oriented including North and South Americas, and East and West European countries. In recent years we gradually focus in Asian countries and local Hong Kong market. Whenever you have demand or idea welcome for enquiries and discussions.


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